Monday, November 24, 2008

Live Poker

I play in a couple of local live tournament series. One it pretty much all inclusive, we play 7 events over 5 months during the winter, and the Top 20 get to play in a final Tournament of Champions. We have played two already, with me getting a 11th place in the first one, and finishing way to badly to speak of in the 2nd one. I currently am tied for 20th though, so I just need to improve my play a little (it really has a bit of a turbo feel to it, with small stack and 25 minute blinds.) The other is a World Series touranment series, in which the winner gets to represent the other 19 players at the main event. (And everyone gets about 4%, with the winner getting about 10% for playing for us). Last year's winner ended up finishing in the top 300, so I made more then enough to pay for this year. I had a nice 6th place finish in the first tournament, and the 2nd tournament was this Friday. I took an early hit when my set got rivered by a flush, and with more then 50% of my stack gone before the first blind was up, I decided to play a little more aggressive, managing to get back up above my start stack with turned straights on consecutive hands. I slowly got blinded down, and figured I would be out with 13 people left. I picked my spots and made timely folds and once we were down to 8 I managed to work from my 250 chip stack to 2250, but eventually lost when my pockets 2's were less then KQ when a King flopped. My 7th place finish puts me 4th overall after two tournaments, and very much alive at this point.

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