Friday, November 7, 2008

Doom Switch??

After my 3rd place finish in the Bodonkey the 1st tournament, it has been all downhill for me. The 2nd and 3rd tournaments I finished in the middle of the field, nothing much to note, just didnt get hands and probably was too passive on the hands I did get.

Last night however I was shown the door in 24th place of 25. I started very tight, and had only played 2 hands in the first 16, when I was given pocket Aces. I potted my bet, which was reraised by the chip leader (who had knocked out the first person from the tournament). I figured on one of two things, trying to bully early with his big stack, or he actually had QQ or KK. My 2nd read was right, and as I pushed he instacalled with KK. A K on the 1st card of the flop, and I am sent hope as a 90%+ favorite preflop.

No live or internet poker this weekend, probably wait until the Tuckfard Opens on Monday to play again


OhCaptain said...

I have consistently been devastated by large pocket pairs going down to the smaller pocket pairs lately. I'm seriously considering writing a blog post to the poker gods asking for forgiveness.

$mokkee said...

brutal, i didn't see how you went out.

very UL there.