Wednesday, October 29, 2008

3rd at the Bodonkey, 4th at Skillz

One of my better nights of poker lately. I had signed up for the Bodonkey knowing that I really only had the buy in for about 4 of them before I was tapped out of money on Bodog. Seeing that it paid down to 5 places, with 6-8th getting their buy-in back, I decided to at least shoot for the final table and take my chances. Got out drawn playing too tight and lost to flushes twice early, but managed to get some good cards and eventually worked my way up and down between 2,500 and 5,000 chips until we got down to two table. A pivitoal hand to get me in the Bodonkey points was my push of LJ's raise with KK, she showed QQ and my Kings held up to get me up to 2nd place at that point. Watching LJ and WilWonka abuse the table was actually informative for me, as I started to see more of the higher level play I am trying to incorporate into my game. I did make the final table, and was surprised as we were going on the final break as LJ pushed on the money bubble, and WilWonka called and beat her. A few good cards and a lucky double up when my lower Ace actually hit a flush on the river, and I ended up getting up to 3rd. My AceJack pushed was called by a lesser hand and got run down, but I got my money in good and that was good enough for me. Cashed for a little over $115 between cash and Tournament $, so that was good. Ended up bubbling my own tournament after literally running over the table early, and I had the chip lead coming into the final table. For some reason I STILL can not chat after I am knocked out of a tournament, I am really not sure what that is all about.

Here is last nights results:

Skillz Game Leaderboard:

1. Pirate Lawyer $333.40
2. lightning36 $181
3. NumbBono $155
4. SirFWALGMan $140
5. Hoyazo $123.20
6. bayne_s $119
7. swimmom95 $111
8. PinkyStinky $110
8. twoblackaces $110
10. jeciimd $107.60
11. Astin $101
12. heffmike $95
13. Evy35 $90
13. TheCloserX5 $90
15. Bdidde $89
16. iam23skidoo $86
17. BamBamCan $80
18. JabbaDaFlopp $72
19. Irongirl $66
19. ezemlime $66
21. 1QueensUp1 $65
22. maigrey $55
23. MattyMoves $48
24. cemfredmd $44
24. TheGoatLady $44
26. columbo $39
27. HighOnPoker $33
28. Zeem $32
29. Mondogarage $30
29. FishyMcDonk $30
31. paul long $28.80
32. pushmonkey72 $22
33. Instant Tragedy $16

Next week: RAZZ


lightning36 said...

Looks like you were on your game last night. Congrats on cashing in the first Bodonkey of the season.

Shrike said...

What does the yellow note next to my name mean? ;)