Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Skillz Game Tonight - 7 Stud Hi/Lo & My Best Comeback

Let us see how many people we can have donking this one up! Always a lot of fun.

Just for fun last night, I played a $11 SNG Omaha Hi/Lo Pot Limit. I played pretty tight early, and with 6 people left, I was still hanging around 1500 chips. I ended up putting another player all in, leaving me with 45 chips, when he hits the one outer to scoop the pot from me. I ended up being all in the next three hands, scooping two and splitting one, and eventually manage to get back to 1500 chips with four people left. Played tight and smart, and managed to watch the other two players without many chips lose leaving me in 2nd place, but with an 11,500 to 2,000 chip disadvantage. I did manage to prolong head to head for about 20 hands, and had worked up to 4,500 at one point, but eventually I lost the heads up match. Still got a $39 payday after beign down to 45 chips, so I was happy!