Friday, September 5, 2008

Cashed in Riverchasers

Played Riverchasers last night as I watch my Redskins look horrible. Fortunetly I play poker better then they play football. Started with Hoyazo to my right, and pushed him off of hands twice early by reraising, even getting a comment from him on on of them. I had overpairs to the board both times, so I was ready to take my chances. Played pretty tight for the most part, didnt float as much as I have tended to in the donkaments, and managed to sneak onto the final table last in chips, but about what we started with. Got really tight as I watched carnage ensue, and suddendly we were down to 4, with three paying. I has less then 1/2 of the 3rd biggest stack as the time, but managed to get my one suckout when I needed it. Played 34o in my big blind, so with a 2/3/5 rainbow flop, I bet with 2nd pair, was raised by the 3rd place stack, and pushed thinking he had over cards to my 2nd pair and OESD. Unfortunetly he had a 5, but I spiked another 3 on the river to suck out with the set. He soon after got knocked out, and I finally went out shortly after with 3rd place and $34.00.

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