Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Skillz Game Results

Congratulations to twoblackaces on the win, TheCloserX5 for 2nd, and iam23skidoo for finishing 3rd.

Current Leaderboard:
1 PinkyStinky $110
1 twoblackaces $110
3 Hoyazo $80
4 Irongirl $66
4 TheCloserX5 $66
6 MattyMoves $48
7 Bdidde $44
7 iam23skidoo $44
8 Zeem $32

As far as how I play, well lets just move on. Between just playing bad and bricking enough to build another house, I was lucky to last to 18th of 22 players.

Next Week will be 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo, so that should be fun.


BamBam said...

Better than 22nd though....right?


I bet I built a bigger house than you.

Shrike said...

Can't wait for the Stud8 game. I've been anxious to clear my Tuesday night calendar for this.

Always a pleasure to play with you ... sorry about the suckout in the Mook. You fooled me and I got lucky.

RaisingCayne said...

Yeah, next week should be entertaining, hopefully I can arrange to be involved. Stud8 can be a good time.

Hope you're well...