Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Skills Game Results - Limit O/8

With a very nice turnout of 22 players, which would pay to three places. The 1500 chip stacks seemed to cause some tight play early, as it took us almost 30 minutes to lose our first player, and only lost five by the first break.

I ended up being bubble boy for the final table, after halving pots with the low several times in a row against bigger stacks, I finally got a two pair high that lost to a flush on the river.

Congratulation to PinkyStinky for the win, Irongirl for the bridesmaid spot, and Bdidde for finishing third. Mookie ended up being the cash bubble boy.

Dont forget, Mookie tonight, Riverchaseres Thursday, and for those not watching Fireworks on Friday, I am guessing Katitude is still having the Blonkament Rebuy.

Come back next week, as the game will be Double Stack H.O.S.E. And to make up for the lack of Razz, Razz will likely be the game the week after!

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