Monday, March 3, 2008

Quick Big Game post

Horribly misplayed K9 on a KQQ flop, turn was a 9, river was useless. My opponenet commented how it was a bad turn for me, when I knew full well that the turn didnt mean crap for the hand, especially since he held KQ for the flopped full house with me losing 2,000 chip in the process. I played super-tight for a long time after that, and somehow was able to work my way back up to the starting 5,000 chips. Saw AA twice KK a few time, and QQ once, made the most of them and managed to outlast 80 people to finish 25th, short of the money, but it did give me points in the BBT standings, so I am off to a fair start. No MATH for me tonight, but instead will be doing school work. But for the rest of you, go for it.


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