Friday, January 4, 2008

Riverchasers, and SNG problems

Played Riverchasers last night, which had an non-BBT2 number of 92 players, which was amazing. Lost 1/3 of my stack earlier, but just tightened up and good solid poker. I finally doubled up when my Pocket 10s game me a set on an 4/9/10 flop, that gave my opponent two pair. A 4 on the turn game him a full house 4 over 9s, but my 10 over 4s was better, and even the 9 on the river giving him 9s over 4s still wasnt strong enough to beat me. Got some premium hands at the right times, but finally ended up going out 17th when my AKs lost to 1010 when another 10 came on the flop.

As far as SNGs, I am trying the $5 turbos, but have cashed once in six attempts. The other I bubbled twice, then a 7th, 8th, and 9th (lost 3rd hand in with QQ < AA on a 2/4/10 flop). Need to play a few more to see if I am just running badly, or playing badly, but if my MTT play lately is any indication, I am just running bad in the SNGs.

Time to play the Daily Double tonight, and maybe work on some more SNGs.

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