Saturday, July 21, 2007

Near Misses

Played a couple of qualifer tournaments with 2 of my $26 tokens last night. The first was a qualifer for the FTOPS Event on August 13th. 2 seats paid, plus $23 cash for 3rd. I ended up going out in 4th when my KJo flopped trips but after checking the flop, bet out at the turn and we reraised by the CL, at which point I came over the top for all my chips. He called and showed the case King with an Ace kicker, and IGH 4th. Also played a sat for the nights $30K which paid 13 $100 seats, and I finished 9th. Played very well in the 30K, even with an early hit of an opponent cold calling me on every street with 45o to hit a straight on the river against my trips. Worked back up and eventually finished 60th, however it only paid to 42nd.

Sit N Go Results July 20, 2007: 4th (-$5.50)

Starting Amount: $132.50
Current Bankroll: $119.50
SNG Profit/Loss: -$13.00
Total Profit/Loss: -$13.00

One $26 Token still in Account
BBT Freeroll July 25, 2007.

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