Saturday, July 7, 2007

Double Cash at the Daily Double

Was actually trying to quailfy for the 50/50 last night. Lost in a $6, $8, and $14 satellites, the $14 one when having the best hand until the river with only 25 people left and 17 getting seats. Decided to play my usual tighter game in the Daily Double, and even though in both touranments I was down to about 1,000 of my 2,000 starting stack, I eventually managed to work myself up that I was easily cashing in both tournaments. I ended up finished 24th in Daily Double A, 26th in Daily Double B. Netting me a total of $140+ for the night. I also managed to fnished 2nd to Tin Man for best average finish, as he finshed 30th in the B, and when I went to sleep he was already in the Top 16 of the A, thus making his average no worse then 23rd to my 25th. Not a bad night all things said.

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