Thursday, July 19, 2007

Building My Bankroll

Lately I have been just donking money off, trying to go after the big things, when I really am not bankrolled right for it. I have about $150.00 left in my Full Tilt account, but also have 3 $26 Tokens. I figure to give myself a couple of shots tonight on Sats to a FTOPS event (which one I havent decided, but with business travel and my wife's birthday I have to choose carefully, not just sign up for the next Satellite to run). I have decided once I get down to about $120.00 I will work on what I used to do, playing Sit N Go's. I will use the 5% rule and never have a buy-in more then 5% of my total bankroll, so if I dont cash in the first 4 $5 SnG, then I will be dropping down. My goal is to build my bankroll back up to $300+ to give myself a decent shot at qualifying again next year for a World Series of Poker event (unless of course the wife is pregnant, then no trip for me next year!). I will document my progress, including my starting amount and my results. If I dont use all my tokens tonight (and I doubt I will), I will give them a shot for assorted event, or maybe the MATH on August 13th once I get to my hotel for my class in Colorado. And with any luck I will be able to cash in the BBT freeroll (56 players, and I think it cashes 11 or 12 people!) next Wednesday. I also think I got a few extra dollarso on PokerStars from finished 3rd in the 67Suited WSOP Fantasy league. That I may work on my cash game on Micro levels ($.01/$.02) and see what comes of that. Plus I have almost 4,000 Full Tilt Points, and 900 FFP on PokerStars, so I will look into using those to help my bankroll. Wow, long post for me this time. If anyone has any help with how to post picuures, let me know, I want to try to start saving screen shots and posting them here for thoughts by players much better then me.

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